Belonging to third generation selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM), Bazedoxifene is widely used in many pharmaceutical companies. It mainly works as both oestrogen-receptor agonist and antagonist that depend on the cell and tissue type target cells. Generally, this medicine reduces bone resorption and minimizes biochemical markers of bone turnover to premenopausal range. Thus, in turn it results in boosting of bone mineral density (BMD), which avoids the chances of fractures. Primarily it functions as an oestrogen-receptor antagonist, especially in uterine and breast tissues.

3-Methyl-5-(Phenyl- methoxy)-2-[4-(Phenyl- methoxy)phenyl]-1H-Indole

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CAS No - 198479-63-9

3-Methyl-5-(Phenylmethoxy)-2-[4-(Phenylmethoxy)phenyl]-1H-Indole is defined as an intermediate required for the preparation of bazedoxifene.

1-(2-(4-(Chloromethyl) Phenoxy)Ethyl)Azepane

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CAS No - 223251-25-0
1-(2-(4-(Chloromethyl)Phenoxy)Ethyl)Azepane HCL

At our well equipped manufacturing unit, we manufacture 1-(2-(4-(Chlorome- thyl) Phenoxy)Ethyl)Azepane HCL. It works as an intermediate for the preparation of medicine required to increase bone mineral density.

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