Taking an account on Cinanalcet, it works as a calcimimetic drug that mimics the working of calcium on tissues by allosteric activation of calcium sensing receptors. These receptors are present in various human organ tissues. Due to its wide spectra of action, this drug is used in the management of parathyroid tumors and chronic renal failure.

This medicine works by acting on calcium sensing receptors present on the surface of chief cell of parathyroid gland.

Phenyl}Propanoic Acid

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CAS No - 78573-45-2
3-{3-(Trifluoro Methyl)Phenyl}Propanol

3-{3-(Trifluoro Methyl)Phenyl} Propanol is marketed in the market as a pharmaceutically active compound, used in the treatment of secondary hyperparathyroidism. Moreover, it is also recommended to the patient having chronic kidney disease and hypercalcemia.

3-{3-(Trifluoro Methyl)
Phenyl}Propanoic Acid

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CAS No - 53473-36-2
3-{3-(Trifluoro Methyl)Phenyl}Propanoic Acid

Act as a key intermediate in the manufacturing of pharmaceutical medicine, 3-{3-(Trifluoro Methyl) Phenyl}Propanoic Acid is used in the preparation of cinacalcet hydrochlorise. This belongs to the category of orally active drug that is used for decreasing the secretion of excess parathyroid hormone (PTH).


3-{3-(Trifluoro Methyl)

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CAS No - 21172-41-8
3-{3-(Trifluoro Methyl)Phenyl}Propionaldehyde

3-{3-(Trifluoro Methyl)Phenyl}Propionaldehyde is synthesize by the condensation process of 1-acetyl naphthalene and 3-[3-(trifluoromethyl)phenyl] propylamine in the presence of titanium isopropoxide. Further- more, the final product is resolved by the separation of enantiomer through chiral chromatographic column.

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