Pregabalin is widely used as an anticonvulsant drug meant for neuropathic pain. Moreover, it is also used in the treatment of adjunct therapy required for partial seizures and even in anxiety disorder. This is manufactured as a potent successor. This medicine preferably works by binding with alpha 2 delta site present in central nervous system tissues.

Furthermore, this medicine does not alter cyclooxegenase enzyme and even does not block sodium channel.

3-(Carbamoyl Methyl)-5-Methyl Hexanoic Acid

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CAS No - 181289-15-6
3-(Carbamoyl Methyl)-5-Methyl Hexanoic Acid

(±)-3-(Carbamoyl Methyl)-5-Methyl Hexanoic Acid is processed at our manufacturing unit taking care of hygienic conditions.

(R)-(-)-3-(Carbamoyl Methyl)-5-Methyl Hexanoic Acid

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CAS No - 181289-33-8
(R)-(-)-3-(Carbamoyl Methyl)-5-Methyl Hexanoic Acid

Using the latest technology and manufacturing process, (R)-(-)-3-(Carbamoyl Methyl)-5-Methyl Hexanoic Acid is used as an intermediate for production of medicines and reagents.


3-Isobutyl Glutaric Acid

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CAS No - 75143-89-4
3-Isobutyl Glutaric Acid

With years of experience in the medical and chemical industry, we present a quality range of 3-Isobutyl Glutaric Acid. This is processed at our manufacturing unit under hygienic conditions.


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CAS No - 186038-82-4
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